Vibratory Media Finishes

Vibratory Finishes, to achieve this you use what is called a vibratory bowl and use various types of media to get the required finish you want. For example, porcelain is used for polishing various types of metals, ie brass, alloy, stainless etc and a ceramic media is used for cleaning and light deburring. Stones is used for heavy deburring and there is a plastic media which is used for cleaning and pre alocrom finishes. All these medias come in all shapes and sizes for all types of vibratory work.

Piano Frame Repair

Many good pianos get scrapped because the frames are cracked and sometimes can be too expensive to repair. Mainly because some companies either can\'t weld them because they don\'t know how to or they are just not interested, hence the reason why they charge so much. I can weld a frame for a very reasonable price as well as I can re-spray the frame at the same time. To weld a frame can be a long process as you need to gently warm the frame before you can start welding. This is so it has less chance of cracking when you are welding, this is because the frames are made out of cast iron and can crack very easily under excess heat. Once welded, it must then cool down very slowly because if it cools too quick, it may still crack. Once the frame is cooled down, I then carefully dress the welds before repainting the frame so when the frame is finished, there are no visual signs of welds to be seen.

Antique Brass & Piano Castors

Antique Brass, lots of people love it but hate the hassle of cleaning it. The solution is? Let me clean it for you. I have several ways of cleaning: I can use the traditional way, which is by hand, or I have buffing wheels with different types of compounds. I can also use a vibratory bowl with the porcelain media, or for more intricate cleaning for the places you can never get to, I have an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Golf Clubs Heads

Golf Clubs, when they are well used, they can get very dirty and scratched. I can give your golf clubs a nice clean look again. I can use my ultrasonic cleaner to make them look cleaner, or I can polish them to make them shine. And for the clubs that are painted, I can also repaint them if they have scratches.

Ultra Sonic Cleaning

This is a method used on a vast amount of items, which you have to use various types of solutions to get results you require. It is great for delicate and intricate cleaning, the machine can be used for jewelery as well as many household items, like brass, ceramics and lots more. It can even be used for automotive parts, ie carburettors, injectors, etc as well as some electrical parts.

Powder Coating & Shot Blasting

Powder Coating and Shot Blasting is a great way to restore many items. Shot Blasting is an ideal solution to remove rust and old paint to get most items clean. You can use various types of shot blast media for stubborn or delicate work as well as peening and polishing. Powder Coating is a very versatile and hard wearing surface for inside as well as outside items. You can get many types of colours which are available in matte, gloss, metallic, texture and lacquer form and many more. These powders come in polyester and epoxy form; epoxy is more for indoor items but polyester is ideal for almost everything, especially automotive and commercial work. This process is ideal for motorcycle and car restoration projects.